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Power Hour

Perfect for if you are feeling overwhelmed or confused about where to start or you are looking for advice and tips on products, room design or how to create organised, functional spaces that work for you and your family.


Virtual organising sessions take place via video calling, meaning this support to help you organise spaces in your home is accessible to you no matter where in the world you are!

Power hours are available to book as individual one of sessions for advice in a particular area, or as a series of sessions to help support and guide you through larger organising and room design projects in your home. Block booking discounts of 4 sessions or more are available.

Calls can take place during the day or evenings or weekends, offering you complete flexibility and opportunity to work around your family or work commitments.

Bespoke to you and your needs, each session is tailored to helping you achieve organised and functional living spaces in your home that work perfectly for you and your family.

Each call is followed up with a detailed summary of our discussion, background research on your behalf of any suggested storage solutions or products to improve the space and an outline of any action points, so there's no need to take notes or try to remember all the great ideas we will have discussed!


Here are some examples of popular issues clients seek help with:

Where to start when it feels like every room needs tackling

How to organise specific areas such as the kitchen, office, playroom

How to organise clothing in a simple but functional way that KEEPS it organised!

How to deal with paperwork chaos and implement a simple but sustainable filing system

Effective storage solutions that actually work

How to deal with sentimental items –

how to store/display your treasured possessions and when/how to let go

Guidance on how to get the utmost out of selling,

what and where to recycle and where to donate

How to deal with returning  “clutter hot spots” within your home

How to fold and store clothes to maximise space.

For more information and to book your FREE consultation to discuss how a power hour could help you, please use the contact form to get in touch.

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