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Decide on which package most suits your needs.

Use the contact me form to tell me how the space feels now and how you want it to be.


 After our chat, if you are excited by how I can ACE the space,

you can book an organising session at a time to suit you.


Prior to your session we will have put together a detailed plan for the day:

What needs to be achieved

What area we will start with

Items that may need to be in place before we start

Items you wish to keep, donate or re-purpose


I will bring with me everything needed to declutter and re-organise your space. This can include donation bags, bin bags, label maker, tape measure, boxes and any other items I think may help me on the day.


I am happy to take one car load of items to the charity shop of your choice as part of the service.


Ready to ACE That Space?

Power Hour Ace That Space
Organising Session

Perfect for if you are feeling overwhelmed or confused about where to start or you are looking for advice and tips.


Specialist Bereavement


Practical and supportive house clearance service. Assisting families dealing with loss of a loved one or necessary move to more suitable accommodation.

4 - 8 hour Ace That Space
Organising Session

Ideal for organising and streamlining one room. Living areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens or home office spaces.




Because you just don’t have time to organise mountains of paperwork but you don’t have time for it to be disorganised either.

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