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Specialist Bereavement


Click here for a free downloadable bereavement clearance PDF guide.

Organising your own home can be challenging. 

Downsizing or moving home can be stressful and exhausting.

But when you are mourning the death of a loved one and have been tasked with clearing the home, it can be an emotional and overwhelming prospect. 

Perhaps you are helping a friend or relative make the transition from a family home into smaller accommodation. It can be difficult to decide what to hold onto or let go of when moving in to sheltered housing, assisted living or in to another family members home.

What if you have children of your own? 

A full time job? 

Other relatives to care for...perhaps even all three? 

How do you find the time, or the energy, to pack up decades of possessions and memories, work out what should be kept and what should happen with the rest? 


As a former local government sheltered housing manager, for many years, I have professional experience assisting families manage the often overwhelming task of moving possessions from family homes into smaller living spaces.


I have helped many relatives organise homes after the loss of a loved one. Assisting with everything from arranging charity donations, organising household items and paperwork to packing, liaising with storage companies and ensuring valuables and sentimental items are treated as they should be.

I can allow you space to grieve. Time to focus on other important areas of your life. I can erase the pressure by clearing, sorting and honouring your loved ones home and possessions in the same way you would.

A practical home clearance service delivered with compassion, empathy and a wealth of experience.


I can help to:

Organise the removal of  non sentimental every day items and furniture to local charities.

Manage all collections and drop offs so you don’t have to.

Organise and pack clothing and personal affects keeping any memorable items that may want to be revisited.

Separate and organise important documents.

Suggest items that should be initially kept for decision making at a later date.

Suggest ways items, big and small, can be re-purposed or altered to fit into a new home or be kept for sentimental purposes.

Advise where best to donate/sell unique collections.

Be there to support you, to simplify what can be a difficult process. To reduce the time it would take you to deal with it all alone.


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