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Too. Many. Clothes.

Ever wondered why it’s quicker and easier to get ready in the mornings when we are on holiday? 

Even if you’re the ‘I’ll take it just in case’ person there’s still only so much we can fit into a suitcase.

Mornings can be so much easier when choosing outfits from a decluttered and organised wardrobe.

Top tips for trimming the fashion fat:

Start by grouping clothes together in categories, T-shirt’s/sweaters/jeans etc. It’s easier to decide what to keep when you can see how many multiples you have.

Unless you’re partying every weekend, (those were the days!) keep occasional wear separate from your everyday outfits. Store in a separate hanging space or in boxes at the top or bottom of your wardrobe along with dressy shoes and accessories.

If you can’t see it it’s unlikely that you’ll wear it. Try to keep all your everyday clothes ‘on show’. me, when they all match not only does it look nicer but you gain sooo much more hanging space than when you have a mis-match of flimsy shop hangers. (The velvety covered ones are my favourites because even they slipperiest of garments stay put!)

Ask yourself how versatile each piece is? Can you wear it with at least three other items? This will help you work out whether it really deserves to take up space in your wardrobe.

Keep your favourites within easy reach. Do you regularly throw on gym wear to do the school run? Keep it all together, hanging or folded or in a basket in the wardrobe. If you favour jeans and a tee then keep these easily accessible.

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