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It's All or Nothing

My home gets messy too.

Either I’m multi tasking at 100mph or I’m sitting in front of Netflix with zero motivation to cross anything off of my to do list.

I’ve never been the sort of person who does set chores on certain days. Some weeks the washing pile is overflowing, other times the house is sparkling from top to bottom and everyone’s rejoicing about the vast choice they have in clean pants.

There are most definitely rooms in my house that can become so cluttered and seemingly disorganised that visitors would never believe what I do for a living. As I sit here now my office come spare room is bursting with bags of clothing and toys ready to be listed on eBay. So very full in fact that instead of trying to hunt for a paper copy of a client contract I instead printed out a new one. Gasp. Does it need a tidy up? Absolutely. Do I want to do it today? Nope. Nor do I feel like finishing the unpacking from the trip we came home from 4 days ago.... Today was a day to focus on work. Tweaking contracts for my bereavement clearances and spending time networking and organising business paperwork and if I’m honest, chilling with the dogs. Washing got done and dinner already prepared and the car got MOT’d. Quite honestly, that’s enough for one day for me. As cluttered as my sofa, coffee table, lounge AND office/storage space may look right now my head does not mirror the chaos. And that’s the beauty of having an organised home. As crazy as it may get some days, when you know how simply and quickly it can all be put back together your mind remains calm, stress free and uncluttered.

Having organised spaces in your home doesn’t have to mean that everything is always where it should be. It doesn’t have to look insta-perfect or un-lived in. It just means that when everyone is done with working from home, playing with toys and cooking the dinner it can all be transformed back to the tranquil space it was before, quicker than you can say Snow Whites woodland creatures. And through all the chaos of everyday life, your head doesn’t feel like an overflowing junk drawer.

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