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Specialist Bereavement Clearance


Home Organisation Service

Does your home leave you feeling OVERWHELMED?

Do you sometimes feel you are drowning in CLUTTER?

Do you STRUGGLE to find what you are looking for?

Are you finding clearing a loved ones home STRESSFUL?


My name is Nicolle and I’m a Sussex based professional home organiser. I’m here to organise those spaces in your home for you. 

If you are fed up with feeling like you live in a giant to-do list, constantly surrounded by spaces that need sorting then let me lighten the load.

Whether it’s just one room, a large cupboard, the garage or the whole house, I can create calm, stress free and functional spaces in your home, the ones you never seem to have the time to sort out.

If you have been tasked with organising the home of a loved one following a bereavement or a move, this is an area I specialise in.


Please click on 'My Packages' for more information. 

After a brief consultation with you about how you want the room to be you are free to continue with your day and leave me to transform the space.

I bring everything needed with me on the day so there’s no need to supply or organise anything in advance.

At the end of the session I’m happy to take with me any items that can be recycled or donated. There is no separate charge for this. It’s all taken care of for you, leaving you to relax, stress free, in your new space.

Feel free to take a look at package options and drop me a message if you have any questions or would like a no obligation quote.

All areas of East and West Sussex considered.

To view recently aced spaces or to get to know me a little more you can find me on

Facebook and Instagram on the links below.

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Specialist Bereavement Clearance 

Practical and supportive home clearance service. Assisting families following a loss of a loved one or necessary move to more suitable accommodation.

4 - 8 hour Ace That Space
Organising Session

Ideal for organising one room.

Living areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, garages or home office spaces.

Power Hour


Perfect for if you are feeling overwhelmed or confused about where to start or you are looking for advice and tips.

Ace That Space is passionate about our planet.
Wherever possible it will be suggested that existing items are re-purposed, recycled or donated to reduce the impact on landfill.

‘A little quote you may use from me! Coming home to an amazing usable space for my children to be creative and enjoy is absolutely priceless. You took my vision and made it real, can’t thank you enough for taking the lost space and making it into something we will get so much out of. Yes there were tears because it was a room we never used because we didn’t know how, now we have a summer of building memories thanks so much’

Miss W - Chailey

‘When you first saw my craft room I thought you were going to say most of it needed chucking out! But all your clever storage ideas has made it feel so organised and tidy. I really enjoyed our crafty conversations too, it’s so nice to know I’m not the only one who keeps random things for craft projects! Thank you so much Nicolle’

Miss K – Wivelsfield

‘It was a dumping ground for the whole family, it’s never felt like it could be anything else. I can’t tell you how amazing it feels now! Thank you so much for giving us somewhere we can all relax, its going to make such a huge difference to us’

Mrs B – Hove

‘I can’t believe you managed to fit three boxes of my filing into one little carry case! Amazing, a weights been lifted! No excuse to let it get out of control again now I know what I need to keep and it’s so easy to put away.’

Mrs W – Crawley

‘I’m so pleased I called you! Now the house has been organised properly I don’t feel as stressed when I get back from work trips, I can actually just walk in, sit down and relax! I've even stated cooking more believe it or not! Now I know what a home organiser does I think most of my mates probably need one! Ha! Cheers Nicolle’

Mr S – Haywards Heath

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