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Start Small

You throw it into a drawer, the back of the cupboard or with the other boxes in the loft...we try to hide it..out of sight out of mind.

We can’t see it but that nagging little voice keeps reminding us that it’s there.

The nightmare cupboard, the overflowing loft, the garage full of boxes and forgotten things.

One day I’ll get round to it, we tell ourselves. But we just never find the time.

We get so used to the nagging little voice that the stress that we feel whenever it speaks becomes the norm. Routinely shaking the guilt that comes over us for still ‘not getting round to it’.

Clutter in our homes can have a profound affect on our mental wellbeing. When there seems like there’s just too many spaces that need sorting we can feel overwhelmed, not knowing where to start.

If you’ve had enough of feeling like you’re drowning in your home, below are a couple of ideas of where you can start to bring order.

The key is to always start small and recognise that organising and decluttering always takes longer than we anticipate.

For this reason, you want to start in an area that is truly achievable in the time that you have set aside. You want to feel good about organising the space, that it’s completed, not be looking at a half done job that’s going to add to your stress.


The cutlery drawer

Do you really need 17 medicine spoons? How often do you really use those chopsticks?

  • Empty the whole drawer. Give it a clean and put your cutlery divider back in.

  • After you’ve put all your everyday cutlery back in, categorise what’s left. Plastic spoons, medicine spoons etc.

  • Discard anything that’s never used or you have an excess of.

  • If it’s something you use regularly, place it back in the drawer.

  • If it’s seasonal or only used occasionally consider finding somewhere else in the kitchen it can live.

  • Repurpose pots and tubs you have laying around to keep little bits and pieces contained.

  • Plastic takeaway boxes, ice cream tubs and soft cheese tubs work really well.

  • Straws can be kept in a plastic beaker in the same cupboard as glasses.

  • Children’s cutlery sits nicely in a plastic tub so they’re easily accessible.


The make up bag

A less cluttered make up bag not only feels better and is more hygienic but can also make painting your face a little quicker and easier.

  • Out of date? Throw it!

  • Bought on a whim? Not keen on it? Or a gift you’ll never use? If its unused consider gifting to someone who may appreciate it.

  • Occasional wear. Keep non everyday make up in a separate bag.

  • Give your brushes and bag a really good clean.


The bathroom cabinet

Half used bottles, out of date skincare (yep...they have best before dates!) can leave cupboards cluttered, difficult to clean and often cause us to buy things we think we’ve run out of..only to discover we already had 3 bottles.

  • Again, empty the cupboard and place everything into categories. Shampoo, skincare etc.

  • If you have favourites, things you love or use everyday, separate them into a different pile and put to one side.

  • Check the dates on what’s left. Some products suggest we use them with 3-12 months as their effectiveness and consistency can spoil.

  • If it’s past it’s best, bin it!

  • If you like to stock up when things are on offer, like I do, put these new products to one side.

  • What you’ll likely to be left with is half used, unfinished bottles of lotions and potions. These can be decanted into smaller travel sized bottles that you can either promise to use up before starting a new bottle, or kept in a wash bag for the next time you travel.

  • When placing everything you’re keeping back into the cupboard in like to group similar products together in baskets or boxes. Have a look around for anything you can repurpose, you can always buy new later if you wish.

  • Put all your new products at the back, now you know what you have and can see them clearly you’re unlikely to buy what you don’t need.

  • I like to keep everyday cleansers and moisturisers together in one basket. Everything to hand!

  • The same with flannels, sponges and wash cloths.

  • If you often enjoy a soak in the bath consider putting any products you like to use in one basket or tub that you can grab whilst the waters running.


Never underestimate how satisfying it can be to bring a little order to life, no matter how small the space may be.

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